Signs of Aging vs. Signs of Dementia

Signs of aging include memory loss, impaired vision, and other limitations. Learn if these developing limitations are signs of aging or are early signs of dementia

Senior citizens know to expect common signs of aging, such as memory loss, cataracts, and limited vision. While some stereotypes about aging are often inaccurate, older adults often experience normal, age-related changes that affect their quality of life.

Typical age-related changes include:

Questions to Ask When Hiring Home Care For Seniors

Home health aides often take care of aging parents and spouses who need extra help.  Here are some questions to ask when hiring home care for seniors.

As the United States ages and people live longer, the need for home care is on the rise. While many aging seniors receive care from unpaid family members, the need for home health aides will increase. 

How to Receive Personalized Retirement Advice to Meet Your Financial Goals

It’s never too early or too late to plan for retirement. Speak with a financial planner to receive personalized retirement advice to meet your financial goals.

Every family has unique financial goals. Regardless of whether you are in your 50’s or in your 70’s, it’s important to speak with an experienced retirement advisor to learn the best ways to invest, save, and spend to help ensure that you have enough money to comfortably enjoy retirement. From 401(k) accounts to Roth IRA’s, there are a variety of retirement options that may work for your unique situation.

Is Long-Term Care Insurance Right For Me?

Is long-term care (LTC) insurance a smart investment for you and your family? Read on to learn more about the benefits of this type of insurance.

With so many different types of insurance on the market, it’s often difficult to discern which options are worth the money. Long-term care insurance can be a smart investment for senior citizens who do not want to burden their family with the cost of medical bills, or who do not have family that can assist with medical expenses.

Improving Home Safety for Seniors

Many seniors are choosing to stay in their family homes for as long as possible. Learn about improving home safety for seniors.

Although retirement communities have a variety of benefits, many seniors are choosing to stay in their family home. As the “baby boomer” population ages, improving home safety for seniors and figuring out how to live independently and comfortably in our homes is of vital importance.  

Technology Ideas to Help Seniors Live Independently

It often takes a helping hand to help seniors live independent, active lives. Learn more about some technology ideas to help seniors live independently.

Most people don’t relish the thought of sending their elderly spouse, parent, or grandparent to a retirement home. Fortunately, a variety of new technologies provide solutions for those who want to help a senior loved one stay in their own home for as long as possible.

Caring for an Aging Loved One With Dementia

Caring for an aging loved one with dementia is not easy. Learn how to provide care while dealing with the physical and emotional challenges of being a caregiver.

A diagnosis of dementia can affect every family member, especially the family member who steps in to act as the primary caregiver. In today’s struggling economy, most people do not have the resources to hire a qualified nurse or health aide to provide full-time care. Instead, a trusted family member may step in to try to provide the help that someone suffering from dementia needs.  

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