Social Security Disability Benefits in Connecticut

After years of paying into the Social Security system, many Americans are surprised at how difficult it is to collect disability benefits in a time of need.  Though you have no choice but to pay into the system, the Social Security administration does have choice as to whether or not to pay your claim for disability benefits. To collect any benefits, you will have to meet a strict set of guidelines, proving that you are unable to work for more than a year or will face death because of a disability. Even if you have a solid claim, the processing time for disability benefits might shock you.

Under the guidelines set by the Social Security Administration, only a long-term disability qualifies for benefits. By the time this type of diagnosis is made, the appropriate paperwork is filled out, and the claim is processed, you may end up going quite some time without receiving any income.  The process of filing for disability benefits is notoriously difficult, and can take a long time to complete. Because of the extended processing times associated with these claims, experienced Social security attorneys recommend filing for Social Security disability benefits in Connecticut as fast as possible.  As soon as a diagnosis is made, you should complete the appropriate paperwork and take it to your local Social Security office.

Before you run that paperwork to the office, though, consider taking the time to consult with someone who can ensure you have completed everything properly. Because the paperwork required to claim Social Security disability benefits in Connecticut is complicated, consulting an experienced attorney is a good idea. Filling out the paperwork incorrectly can cause you to lose valuable time.  Our attorney can advise you as to how to properly complete your paperwork to begin collecting your benefits as fast as possible.