Respite Care: Giving Caregivers a Much-Needed Break

For many people, the challenge of caring for an elderly family member is part of their daily lives. Family caregivers that have dedicated their time to taking care of an elderly loved one often have little time to take care of their own needs. In many cases, the sole family caregiver lives far away from other family members or friends who may be able to offer assistance.  As the number of elderly caregivers in America increases, so does the number of caregivers suffering from exhaustion, isolation, and depression.

Caregiving is a demanding job that no one is equipped to handle alone. Respite care supports and maintains a primary caregiver by providing temporary, knowledgeable care for seniors or those with disabilities. Respite care provides caregivers with short-term breaks designed to relieve stress and restore energy, allowing caregivers to maintain balance in their busy lives.

When you devote so much energy to caring for an elderly loved one, it may be difficult to entrust your family member’s care to anyone else. However, taking a break from caregiving can reduce your stress and help you to restore your energy. Whether it’s for just a couple of hours to run errands or for several weeks each year to take a summer vacation, respite care gives you a chance to balance your life.