The Importance of Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer

As many elder law lawyers will tell you, most initial SSDI and SSI applications are initially denied. When you work with an experienced attorney, that denial is often reversed. Seniors should look for effective legal representation from a Social Security Disability lawyer to make sure that their claim is effectively filed.

One of the most common reasons that Social Security Disability is denied is due to lack of proper medical documentation. Simply being ill or injured does not mean that you are disabled. Medical documentation needs to prove that you cannot work on a continuing basis due to your injury or illness.

Many people wait until their claim is initially denied to hire a Social Security Disability lawyer for their appeal. An experienced elder law lawyer can look at your file to determine what medical records were used by Social Security to come to the conclusion that you are not disabled. They can also figure out what additional medical evidence is needed to provide a true picture of your condition.

A knowledgeable elder law lawyer will have gained a unique understanding of the types of information you need to present and how it needs to be presented. They can help to make sure that your information is presented in the best light to help you qualify for benefits.