LCPLFA Presents: An Overview of a Life Care Planning Law Firm Webinar: What Is Life Care Planning in a Law Firm? 

Life Care Planning is an interdisciplinary and elder-centered approach to elder law that gives firms a powerful new way to add value to client's lives while creating new revenue streams for them firm.

This webinar event is specifically designed to introduce attorneys to the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association/model - who we are and how we came to be. The founder and key members will also share some important lessons they've learned - the pros and cons of implementing this model and the value this practice will add to your client's lives while creating new revenue streams for your firm. We'll also explain what you can expect from the Fundamentals and Practice Course and next steps to help you jump start/launch the model into your practice.


Life Care Planning for the Elderly Client:
Fundamentals and Practice – Video Series

This video series gives attorneys the knowledge, tools and support needed to launch a Life Care Planning elder law practice. Life Care Planning is an innovative and holistic approach to elder law that helps families respond to the challenges created by long-term illness or disability before, during and after the elder's transition to long-term care. While traditional elder law focuses on saving the elder’s money to pass on to the next generation, Life Care Planning focuses on using the elder’s money for the elder’s benefit. The goal is to maximize quality of life and independence while preserving family wealth to the greatest extent possible. In a Life Care Planning law firm, an inter-disciplinary team of elder law attorneys, care coordinators and others work together to develop an estate plan, protect assets, qualify for public benefits, coordinate care, provide education and decision-making support, advocate for high-quality care and intervene if there are problems with care providers.

Introduction (7 minutes)
Segment 1 Caring for the Elder in the Practice of Law (14 minutes)
Segment 2 Caring for the Elder in the Practice of Law (32 minutes)
Part 1 – Caring for the Elder in the Practice of Law (60 mins)
Part 2 – Incorporating the Elder Care Coordinator & Hiring the Right Team (80 mins)
Part 3 – The Intake Call & Workflow (30 mins)
Part 4 – The First Meeting (121 mins)
Part 5 – Implementation (105 mins)


The program is for attorneys only. The registration fee of $599 includes program materials, including the Life Care Plan System Documents in electronic format.  Upon registration & payment, you will be given online access to this four part webinar series.  Download a Registration Form now!