We Love Our Veterans

Nearly every Life Care Planning Law Firm counts veterans as clients. Why is working with veterans such a passion?

If you’re like most people looking after elderly relatives, you invest a lot of your own time and money to keep them safe and comfortable. At some point, however, especially if loved ones need more help than you can provide on your own, you start looking at your options. Say it’s your elderly father whose Alzheimer’s disease has progressed. He needs someone to be with him 24 hours a day but he’s not yet ready for a memory care unit. You’d like to hire professional caregivers so he can stay at home in familiar surroundings where he’s happiest.

And then you discover that care costs money. Lots of money.

Realizing that the cost of care can easily bankrupt most elders and jeopardize the long-term financial security of their caregivers is what prompts many people to reach out to Life Care Planning Law Firms for help.

Many families who seek out the help of Life Care Planning Law Firms are pleasantly surprised to learn that VA benefits may be available to help pay for the care of an elderly loved one. VA Pension, with an Aid & Attendance allowance, can be as much as $2,127 per month for a Veteran with one dependent (e.g., spouse), $1,794 per month for a single Veteran, or $1,153 per month for a surviving spouse. These cash benefits are tax-free for people who qualify.

“Most people don’t know that these benefits even exist,” said attorney William H. (Kim) Kimbrough, Jr., founder of Kimbrough Law, a Life Care Planning Law Firm in Georgia. “Veterans deserve what they were promised and unfortunately, the VA doesn’t make it easy for them to get it.”
Helping a veteran with a VA claim marked the beginning of Kimbrough’s elder law career.  

“My mother in-law called my wife and said that the VA might have some money for her,” recalled Kimbrough, whose father in-law, Spud Coker, had served in Germany during World War II. She became his first VA client, applied for her, and got the VA pension for her. “We doubled her income and changed her life,” said Kimbrough, noting that the experience made him realize that there were likely thousands of veterans and their families who weren’t receiving the benefits they were entitled to because either they didn’t know about it or the application process was too difficult. “I knew right then that I wanted to do what I could to help.”

As word about Kimbrough’s success spread, more and more people requested his assistance. Since launching his firm in 2012, Kimbrough Law has won VA pension awards for 100 percent of the veterans qualified to receive them—more than 430 people.

“Veterans served us, putting their lives on the line to preserve our cherished way of life,” said Bayli Fields, an associate attorney at Kimbrough Law. “It’s a privilege to help veterans and their families afford to be taken care of the way they deserve to be.”

“When people get VA benefits, it gives them options,” added Kimbrough. “They may be able to afford to move to an independent living community or assisted living facility instead of automatically going to the nursing home.”

Ultimately, Kimbrough’s success winning VA claims for his clients helped spur him to become a Life Care Planning Law Firm. “One of the main goals of Life Care Planning is to keep elders in comfortable and familiar surroundings for as long as possible. VA pensions can go a long way toward making that happen.”