Understanding Medicaid and Medicare

Medicaid and Medicare oftensounds rather complicated.  To keep it simple, think of them as health insurance services for people that are over the age of 65.  They can also sometimes be used by those under 65 who have certain disabilities.  Medicare is available to people that have end state renal disease no matter what their age might be.

Parts of the Services
There are a variety of different parts of Medicare and Medicaid.  Part A deals with hospital insurance.  It will help cover inpatient care in a hospital as well as a nursing facility and it will also cover hospice or home health care.

Medicare and Medicaid Part B, on the other hand, will cover doctor and other health care provider services like outpatient care, home health care, and also medical equipment.  It will help to cover preventative services and those who use this plan usually pay monthly premiums.

Part C is sometimes known as the Advantage Plan because it offers to pay for many different health plans that have been approved by the government.  They give you the benefits of both Part A and B and they also sometimes cover prescription drugs, which are largely covered by Part D.  They might have even more benefits, but that also goes along with extra costs.  Part C plans are run like an HMO, and often have limited geographical areas in which you can obtain services.

Part D is the prescription drug coverage that can cover or at least lower the prices of prescription medications.  This part is run by private insurance companies that have been approved by the government and the price of the plans and their exact benefits vary.

Simple Medicaid Explanation
In short, Medicaid is primarily a state funded health insurance for people who have limited incomes and resources.  There are many different rules and they can vary from state to state, a personcan become eligible for the coverage based on your age, health, and many other factors.  If you are not sure you qualify, the best thing to do  before you apply is to consult a professional such as an elder law attorney to  see if you have the right situation to gain access to the help you feel you need.