Technology Ideas to Help Seniors Live Independently

It often takes a helping hand to help seniors live independent, active lives. Learn more about some technology ideas to help seniors live independently.

Most people don’t relish the thought of sending their elderly spouse, parent, or grandparent to a retirement home. Fortunately, a variety of new technologies provide solutions for those who want to help a senior loved one stay in their own home for as long as possible.

Suggested Technology Ideas to Help Seniors Live Independently

  • Tablets. Have you ever wanted to Skype with your grandmother? While many seniors are hesitant about using new technology, tablets have proven to be a big hit for seniors who want to learn more about modern technology.
  • Home security systems. If you know an elderly loved one who wants to stay independent and sage while remaining in their own home, a home security system is a necessity. In addition, motion detectors can be added to a home secuirity system to alert homeowners to movement on their property after dark.
  • Health tracking device.  Do you know a senior who wants to stay active? A senior citizen who wants to stay mobile can benefit from using one of these easy-to-use health tracking devices. These devices make it easy for the wearer to monitor movement and physical activity all day while setting personal goals.  Plus, many of these devices are wearable, such as a Fitbit or Nike+ device.
  • Medication dispensing systems. When living alone, many senior citizens forget to take their medications. To combat this, medication dispensing systems can be stocked with several days' worth of medication. A medication dispensing system can provide reminders when it's time to take a specific medication, and even notify caregivers if medications are not being taken.