Improving Home Safety for Seniors

Many seniors are choosing to stay in their family homes for as long as possible. Learn about improving home safety for seniors.

Although retirement communities have a variety of benefits, many seniors are choosing to stay in their family home. As the “baby boomer” population ages, improving home safety for seniors and figuring out how to live independently and comfortably in our homes is of vital importance.  

As we age, problems with eyesight or balance make it imperative to have a safe home with decreased safety hazards. Since falling is the leading cause of death among adults 65 and older, minimizing any hazards and increasing safety at our homes is a step we all need to take.   

It’s easy to make some simple changes to safely stay in your house as you age:

  1. Watch Where You Walk

Are the walkways in your home free and clear? Paying attention to the floors in your home will keep you from being caught off-guard and possibly falling when you enter a room. For additional safety, place nightlights in every room and in your hallway to ensure that any late-night trips to the refrigerator don’t result in a visit to the emergency room.

  1. Make Your Bathroom Safer

Slipping and falling in the bathroom is common cause of injury among seniors. Install grab handles in all bathrooms and place nonskid mats inside and outside your shower or tub.  Since the areas around the toilet and sink can also get wet, place nonskid mats in these areas as well.

  1. Keep Your Phone Handy.

Being able to communicate during an emergency is critical.  Every room in your home should have a telephone available. You should also have a charged cell phone handy. It also makes sense to keep a list of emergency contact numbers in a highly visible location. If an emergency happens, you’ll want to be sure that you can contact a family member, or even the police, as soon as possible.